Monday, April 22, 2013

Warcraft Podcast activity report for April 2013

The Double O Podcast turns two on April 4th
ER L.O.R.E. turns two on April 11th
Warcraft Less Traveled turns three on April 12th
Power Word Gold turns two on April 15th
Twizzcast turns one on April 15th
The Azeroth Perspective turns one on April 18th
BlizzPlanet: The Week of Warcraft turns one on Aprils 20th
The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast turns one on April 20th
Spare Parts turns one on April 23rd
Follow the Leader turns one on April 27th

Warcraft Podcast Milestones for March
25 episodes

50 episodes

75 episodes

100 episodes

Dead Podcasts and inactive Podcasts

Active but no longer cover Warcraft

Updated Links

New Podcasts

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